Friends of the Toronto Islands

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Frisbee Golf Course

Frisbee golf at Toronto IslandsYou may have been wondering about the odd shaped metal structures that are sticking out of the grass along the road between the Ward's ferry and Centre Island.  They're the "holes" for Toronto Island's frisbee golf course.  Frisbee golf, also known as disc golf, is a fun sport for the whole family and the Toronto Islands are a great place to try it out.  

Bring your own frisbees, one for each member of your group, and you can play for free.  Basically you start from the designated tee off point and throw your frisbee towards the target post.  Just like golf each person throws in turn until everyone has completed the hole by getting the frisbee to land in the metal basket on the post.  There are 18 relatively well marked holes, starting and finishing beside the firehouse.  

There is a tournament later in the summer, keep an eye on our Events page for more details.  There is also a map of the course available for download from this link.